How to engage and empower actors in the energy transition?

E4Citizens is a collaborative serious game and workshop designed to engage and empower actors in the energy transition. The goal of E4Citizens is to empower citizens and organisations to co-create greener solutions. It engages players to think creatively about energy issues and develop solutions for their communities and projects. The E4Citizens game helps to initiate discussions and encourages participants to propose creative ideas for energy and environmental issues in an interactive way.

During the session, we will start with an Energyzer, and then play with E4Citizens to co-create solution to energy and environmental challenges. Then, we will evaluate the ideas and define an action plan to develop the ideas effectively.

Input and moderation:

Joëlle Mastelic, Energy Living Lab HES-SO
Anastasia Ponomareva, Energie Living Lab HES-SO
Laura Minisini, Energie Living Lab HES-SO

Language: English