How to encourage project teams to organize collaboration legally as simply as possible throughout the different phases of innovation?

If you want to be creative and inventive you have to open up. If you don’t, you only rely on your own resources for research and development. Are you afraid to open up? Fortunately, there are different degrees of openness depending on the type and stage of innovation: you can be open about the problem, and you can be open about the solution. The approach may also not apply to all phases of the innovation process. One can share a problem and ideas about the solution in an open way – typically in the ideation phase – but then further develop a solution by protecting it in a traditional way, to allow it to be financed and to be brought to market. Come to this challenge corner and discuss how to break barriers and organize collaboration as simply as possible.

Input and moderation:

Joëlle Tosetti, Innovation Booster - Microtech
Daniel Kraus, University of Neuchâtel
Quentin Adler, University of Neuchâtel

Language: English